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Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Travel Vaccinations, Malaria Prevention & Health Advice Service

At Muhammad’s Pharmacy, we provide a full range of travel health services including travel vaccinations and malaria tablets. Whether you need vaccinations for holiday or work, our specialist travel pharmacists are here to help.


Why you might need to be vaccinated?

If you are about to travel outside of the UK, you may ned to be vaccinated before you leave for your trip. The childhood vaccination programme in the UK protects you from a number of diseases, but you might need extra vaccinations or anti-malarials if you are planning on visiting certain parts of the world.


How can we help?

Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting ill if you’re exposed to diseases which we don’t normally have in the UK. We can help you understand how to keep your risks low of getting a disease while abroad and help work out which vaccinations and anti-malarials you might need.

Some vaccinations may be needed several weeks before departure. Ideally you should see us four to six weeks before travelling, but we may still be able to help if you’re leaving sooner


How it works

  1. Book an appointment (online or in-store)
  2. Have a personalised risk assessment
  3. Get any vaccinations and anti-malarials you may need


Appointment information

You will need to bring

  • Details about your trip (such as destination, dates of travel and planned activities)
  • Details of any medical condition or medications you are taking
  • History of previous vaccinations

Check what vaccines you need for your destination by visiting Fit For Travel