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Ear Wax Removal Service - Microsuction

Ear Wax Removal Service - Microsuction

Ear Wax Removal Service - Microsuction

The new way to access ear & hearing health services

25% of the population have a moderate to severe ear wax issue that requires medical intervention. However, accessing ear and hearing health services can often be difficult and time consuming. Many people have to wait months for treatment, or simply resign themselves to living with their condition.

The current waiting time to access wax removal services in the NHS is 12-16 weeks. However, at Muhammad’s Pharmacy, patients can quickly and easily receive an ear examination, wax removal and hearing screening, all in a single 30-minute appointment. 

Simple diagnosis & treatment:

During an Ear Check appointment your clinician will be able to assess your ears, and if wax is present, gently remove it with microsuction. Microsuction is the gold standard of wax removal and is much safer than other methods such as irrigation. 

Once wax has been removed a hearing screening can be performed. This will identify any hearing loss and your clinician will advise whether you require further treatment. However, in many cases, the initial problem could’ve simply been down to the presence of wax itself. 

For more information please speak to a member of the team or to book an appointment for an ear screening check. 

Treatment Prices:

  • Consultation fee (no wax) £15
  • Ear Microsuction for one ear: £55
  • Ear Microsuction for both ears: £70